Cultivating a nourishing relationship to food through a more personal connection to the plants we eat, the land we grow it on, the planetary influences and the body in which we reside.


My mission is to help others find a way to live in accordance with nature and their own unique mind-body constitution. Through Intuitive Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Psychological Astrology and Nature Immersion Therapy, I integrate the wisdom of plants and astrology, neuroscience and modern wellness principles to guide others to transform their health.

Through the years I have been on a journey to understand the patterns of living holistically by cultivating a healthy relationship to food, learning the powerful medicine of nature, modern neuroscience, movement of the body, travel, land stewardship and the archetypal patterns in Astrology.

My journey of facilitating nourishment for my clients started from working on a Permaculture Farm, as personal chef, and Integrative Health Coach to apprenticing with several ancestral healers and herbalist throughout the Americas. By observing the patterns of nature, I have come to understand each person as an ecosystem. We are constantly evolving, changing with the seasons of life and thus what supports our greatest health also is in flux. We were all born with the potential to live vibrant lives, nourished by passion, relationships, spiritual connection and REAL food. I guide my clients to understand their unique ecosystem and empower them to create the life they want.

After overcoming my own health challenges I was able to reconnect to the Earth and the nourishment that it provides. Growing my own food, and crafting my own medicine has taught me self acceptance and unconditional love for self, others and earth. My passion for working with plants, cooking and sharing the knowledge with others to enjoy, is my way of providing the world with a little mind-body-soul nourishment. In my practice I emphasis The Alchemy of Food- which is to say, taking seasonal produce and turning it into something that is ultimately a fuller expression of itself. Creating flavors with ingredients that are a platform of super tastes, super goodness and super nourishment. 

Services offered

  • Psychological Astrology Readings

  • Intuitive Health Consulting and Integration

  • Personal Chef and Wellness Service

  • Cooking Classes and Workshops

  • Nature Immersion Trips and Retreats

  • Healing Cacao Ceremonies (one-on-one or group)

  • Personalized Rituals and Herbal Formulations to support Soul Growth and Empowerment

Are you ready to take control of your health and vitality?