What are Mayan Nahaules?

Nahuales are essential to Mayan cosmology, they are in essence connected to our spiritual narrative. Each person is born with a nuhaul that determines their temperament, their role in society, and even their daily actions. The Mayan people interpret the nahauls‘ communication in all things, including the timing of dreams, the presence of certain animals, movements of the elements, plants, animals, bird songs, and other sounds. For these reasons, the Mayan people maintain a great respect for nature. 

Mayan cosmology can be compared to western astrology in some sense, except that it is much more unique to an individuals true nature. It is a wonderful tool for reestablishing the connection to your essential being, as well as providing insight to your souls mission. It can provide guidance for day to day experiences, healing from traumas, and overcoming challenges.

If you are feeling disconnected from self or need guidance in current challanges, consider receiving a Mayan Cross reading. I am here to help all willing to gain a bit more insight from the intellegence of this Ancient Tradition.

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Jeannette Mueller