Friday Fave Five

Its Friday again and there are so many things to be loved and shared with all you lovely people. Fist off the thing I'm enjoying most this week is the 70*F weather in October!!! Living in Minnesota or anywhere in the Midwest can be hard when the days get shorter and the weather colder. Although I'm enjoying it, it is also a sad reminder of the drastic climate change that is occurring on this planet. But hence I will still soak it up while it's here...

Sunlit path 2.jpg

Alright now to the points here is this weeks FAVE FIVE

1. Of course a podcast! This week on the Tim Ferriss Podcast was an amazing interview with Huffington Posts founder Arianna Huffington. I love Tim's approach to interviewing as he often teases out the habits of high functioning individuals into practical tools that we can all apply to our own lives. Arianna discusses her youth growing up as an introvert and odd ball, to a Cambridge graduate and powerful leader in journalism, and writing in general. The also discuss the importance of sleep for health and happiness. Basically worth every minute of listening!

2. Food blogger Julia of The Roasted Root posted an amazing recipe for pumpkin pancakes a few weeks back that I tried and are a fantastic treat! Everyone loves pumpkin spice and most people like pancakes so its a win-win-win (3rd win for being gluten and egg-free)!

3. If you are in the twin cities you may want to make your way over to Tula Yoga, its a donation based yoga studio that has an amazing aerial yoga class! You'll stretch places you never knew existed. If you're not in the TC I'd still recommend finding a studio that offers aerial practice.

4. I don't watch films very often but last summer I went to Captain Fantastasic staring Viggo Mortenson and it to this day remains one of my all time favorite films. It is about a man living off grid with his children and the quest they take into civilization in order to recover their dead mothers body. As much as I'd love to live off in the woods, the film shows that there is a balance for functioning in the world but not being a victim to it. If you have an amazon prime account you can watch it for free right meow!

5. Hmmm well decisions, decisions... Numero cinco this week will have to be to just be. Getting out in nature even for just an hour a day! If I don't get my green time in then I know its hard for me to function at my highest! In Japan they call it forest bathing which melds mindfulness with nature and a complete transformation of health! Read more about it here!