Conscious Gifts for the Holiday

Its easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Parties, work and school deadlines, travel, disrupted routines, family, and seemingly endless trays of cookies and other tempting foods. If you've received my newsletter you'll already know that I've decided to comprise a list of gifts that are a bit more thoughtful then that giftcard to target you were planning on getting last minute. The things that have made it on my list are not only unique to give but they are backed with integrity and supportive to companies whose missions are to bring a little more conscious awareness to the world of commerce, while also providing high quality product. These are just ideas to spark your imagination, so you can have a little more ease going into the holiday.



Always number one on my list. I'm obsessed with plants, cacti, succulants, bonsai, lillies, ivy, etc. I don't descriminate. Plants are an amazing gift as they keep on giving, providing lightness to a loved ones home. Having green around in the dead of winter is so important and there are actual studies showing that having a plant in plane view of your home environment has mood boosting benefits. Another thing that is wonderful is that they vary in price. You can get a succulant for $4 or a bonsai tree for $400, you decide. Head to your local garden shop for pretty pots it needed. Giving life is gold!


I love going into a local herb or tea shop and picking out custom blends for friends. This time of year I will usually pair a few herbs like tulsi and ginger to promote warmth and relaxation. Another option is to get a tea subscription with GLOBAL TEA HUT. There mission is to promote sustainable tea around the world. Each month, they mail out sustainabley grown teas that were produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other agro-chemicals. In the subscription they also include a monthly magazine that goes into the history of tea across cultures. Learn and sip!


Call me an audio junkie, I'm obsessed with podcasts and learning. Although I love books, sitting down to read one is really difficult for me. I often get distracted by noise or lint on my shirt, but I can literally spend hours having someone read to me. I've had an audible account for two years now and it is worth every penny. Subscription starts at $14.95 a month and includes 1 credits to put towards a book and discounts on everything else. The thing I love most is that I can listen while walking the dog, cleaning, cooking or working on little things that don't require my full attention. I've "read" more books in the past year then in my entire college career!


This is the gift of a lifetime. It's definitely on the pricier side ($258), but it's a wonderful gift because it will lasts forever. Berkey offers some of the most revolutionary charcoal water filters and it takes no energy to filter the water since it works from gravity! It filters out all heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and other toxins! Not to mention you can taste the difference. I don't own one but one of my chef clients has the big one and I LOVE it. If I don't get one for Christmas, I'll be gifting it to myself. 


A lot of yoga studios, barre, climbing gyms, and crossfit studios offer specials for holidays such as 10 class packages, month memberships and the like. If you have a friend who's interested in trying something new, a gift like this is also a way to help them take action instead of just talking about it. Get them a membership at the same studio you go to and have the added bonus of moving together. Another option is to convert your bike into a stationary one so you can ride in the comfort of your own home, and naked if you so choose. Prices range from $70-200



The science is out and studies are showing that sleep contributes more to our quality of health then exercise and possibly even nutrition. So many of us are spending hours in front of a screen whether for work or pleasure. There are definitely benefits to technology but the artificial light disrupts our bodies biological clock, which in turn deteriorates our sleep quality. There are certain measures we can take to mitigate the effects though which brings me to BLUE BLOCKER GLASSES. They're supper funky sunglasses that you wear while working on the computer or when the sun goes down. They block the blue light being emitted so that you can have the best of night and day!


What is every travelers number one problem? Well, I know mine is having space in my luggage, but there are two items that have been a life saver when things get tight. The first are Turkish Towels, around $20 each they are my all time favorite. They are light weight, dry extremely quickly, and can double as a blanket to use on the plane or long bus ride. And the second are Packing Squares. I was skeptical at first but they are actually really awesome for organizing your things and compacting them making more space.


Winter can be harsh on our skin leaving it dry and lack luster. In Ayurveda skin brushing and oil message are used as a therapy for cleansing the lymphatic system, boosting the immune system and increasing circulation. Skin brushing also helps lessen the appearance of cellulite, leaving your bum a little smoother. I start every morning with 5-10 minutes of skin brushing and have used oils to moisturize over lotions for a few years. Banyan Botanicals has amazing high quality sesame oil which is a great oil to use in the winter because of its slightly warming effect.


I had no idea that investing money into a good knife would alter my life forever. I spent a few years hating all the chopping, slicing and dicing, but I continued cooking because I of my dedication to health and nutrition. I cringed at the thought of spending $150 on a knife, but OMFG... life changing. My favorite knife is The Shun 8-in Chef knife, it makes my life so much easier and slices through vegetables, and roots like butter!


I was born with my sun sign in Taurus, fixed earth, and as part of my nature am drawn to beautiful things. I love decorating my space with flower, plants, books, etc. I also believe that everyday activities such as cooking, eating or having a cup of tea can be upgraded to become a sacred ritual. One way to make every meal extraordinary is to eat off of a beautiful piece of art. Whether you buy it from a local potter or support independent artists on Etsy, ceramic dishes are seriously extraordinary. Plates can start of at $25 each so take your time to pick a piece that matches with the personality of those you are gifting to and slowly build up their collection over time.


I absolutely love the smell of coffee, and the taste, and if you've ever seen it, the gorgeous plant. Unfortunately coffee doesn't like me so much. I have a genetic marker in my DNA that makes me a poor metabolizer of caffeine, so instead of focus and energy, I become an anxious, sweaty mess who crashes 20 minutes after my initial cup of Joe. Lucky for me there is decaf. But for all of you who are able to handle the power of coffee Groundwire Coffee is an amazing independent coffee roaster out of Northfield Minnesota. They source their coffee directly from the farmers (BETTER THEN FAIR TRADE) and roast the beans through out the week for optimal flavor and freshness. They offer a subscription where coffee is delivered to you weekly or monthly depending on your addiction, I mean thirst? They are also offering free shipping through December! Oh perhaps I should mention that the company is owned by my cousins and her partner, and I'm so damn proud of them!!!!


THE IDEAS ARE ENDLESS! Just remember no matter how small or large, it really is the though that counts. Focus on the joy of giving. You don't even need to give a gift other then yourself, and coming together with people from a place of love and understanding. When all is said and done, intention is the nourishment during this season. Give freely and receive openly!

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