Back in the US of A

Blahhh.... yes its true I'm back in the states after spending an amazing six months abroad in Central America. You often hear people talk about culture shock but it's impossible to comprehend until you experience it first hand. The interesting thing is that I feel it more difficult to adjust to life back in the states then I did settling into my time abroad. Going from spending nearly every moment of the day surrounded by nature to the confines of a four walled apartment can get a person down. But now I look for the lesson in the experience. What is it I value? What does the polarity of these situations show me, and how can I take the positives of both experiences to transform the path I am taking in life? 

I went into the jungle of Guatemala looking for answers and left Nicaragua with more questions. But again what changed was the composition and depth of the questioning I had. In the society many of us live, consumerism, dogma, and the stresses of "everyday life" keep us hypnotized to the perpetuated cycles of thought that have us living in fear. 

As a student and practitioner of nutrition and holistic lifestyles, I've seen lives be transformed simply by changes to ones way of eating. People who are consuming processed foods, and working on computers all day walk around like listless zombies, numb to the simple pleasure that it is to just breath! But once they ingest the foods that nature has produced in its whole and natural form, and once they step outside to have contact with the earth, they transform... they begin to wake up.

And so where do I fit in and how can I help others to begin to experience an awakening? How can I be a guide in helping people to remember what it means to live and thrive. Where can we all alter our lives in order to live in accordance with the soul within, and ultimately reconnect to the World.

Everyday we wake is a new opportunity to learn and grow, to be open to others and new experiences. Let us use this space as an opportunity to nourish new thoughts and enjoy what life offers whether it be a simple recipe, planting seeds in the garden or a heart opening meditation!

Peace + Plants

Jeannette MuellerComment