Intuition... Is that you?

So I've done it again and been absent on the site for some time. I would blame it on not having enough time but then again I had time to marathon with a good portion of Wes Anderson films, so that's no excuse. The truth is I've been feeling blocked. My sense of creativity feeling uninspired, sense of direction for my next career move unclear, relationship ending, and my need for sense of control driving my anxiety through the roof. Where do I go? What do I do? Constantly questioning my every thought, word, behavior and action! STOP.


I'd like to believe that others can relate. There are periods in our lives of transition, periods of time when nothing feels settled and instead of a yes or no answer, life provides us with endless options and a multitude of directions to choose from. So what do we do?

Many will say, "Just listen to your intuition!". Great! but what is my intuition telling me? What if the analytical mind is just posing as the intuition? How do I really know I'm listening to my instinct, and if it can be trusted?

The world can be a noisy place, there are so many conflicting views in the realm of finding inner wisdom. Some say choose the path of least resistance, while others say you must choose the path that is most difficult and overcome any resistance that is holding you back from action. If you live in the city like I do it can be even more difficult to listen to your intuition. Cars, trains, voices, dogs, smoke, light, concrete, music, yelling, walking, running, biking, coffee, beer, TVs, cell phones, drones and zombies! Over stimulation! Living in an urban environment has many benefits, but it definitely can make listening to inner wisdom a little harder.


In come gardening. As many of you who know me know, in addition to coaching I work full time in the summer landscaping. I'm so blessed to spend my summer days digging in the dirt, surrounded by flowers. But its not all butterflies and rainbows. There are days that I question the impact of my work, often after a day of weeding quake grass for five hours straight. But again nature is trying to teach me something. If you don't know quack grass then I would compare it to Creeping Charlie, only its roots run underground and can go for several feet. If one little bit of the root remains in the ground it will send new shoots of grass up, and the root is so strong that it can dig its way through pieces of wood and landscaping cloth.

If you think about it, quake grass is a lot like negative thought patterns that we've been programmed with growing up and into adulthood. We may try to ignore them (where they take over garden), we may try to cut them off at the surface (where they continue to grow more viciously under the soil), or we may try to poison them (but then nothing else can grow either).

Then how do we defeat this despicable weeds?

In order to gain freedom from the contagious grass is the same that we must do for the monkey mind chatter that causes us to be out of touch with our authentic intuitive voice. Dig deep, dig far, expose the roots in their entirety and like a skilled surgeon remove them from the earth. We must first observe the patterns and behaviors causing anxiety and insecurity. By seeing this we are better able to come up with a strategic way of removing them, and then we must take action. At first the garden gets really messing, soil piled high in some areas, rocks thrown about but it is necessary in order to get the roots exposed and disposed of. Once this step is taken we must fill the earth that is now suitable for planting with flowers, then mulch the ground so that the weeds cannot again that the advantage of the empty space. We too must fill our lives intentionally with positive thoughts, authentic behaviors, and nourish our internal gardens. Then too we can tap into our intuition and know our potential which is to be a forest of diversity and love.