Travel for Soul Nourishment and Finding Intention


This is my third winter taking time away from the regular routine of Midwestern life to travel and explore new countries and learn from new cultures, cuisines and people. Through the years I ‘ve ventured to the jungles of Guatemala to study Mayan Herbalism, and to the island of Ometepe to study permaculture. Last winter I took a job working as a personal chef in San Diego, and now find myself sitting in a quiet flat overlooking a modest city garden in Bordeaux France. After spending a week catching up with a friend in Paris, exploring more gardens and museums I could find, I feel a bit jaded and lost. Every trip I have been on has been full of adventure, discovery, but has also been taken with a specific goal in mind. Finding teachers and jobs prior to traveling has always given me peace of mind, but this trip has been very different. As I venture further into Wellness Consulting and helping clients navigate and restore their relationship with food and body, I’ve had to adjust my attitude towards travel. It has been my dream for the past several years to be a digital nomad, taking my consulting business on the road, however, it seems more glamorous then the reality. It takes discipline and boundary setting to work for yourself. No one is keeping you accountable to do the work, and I’ve found myself feeling guilty when I have to forgo a day of wandering to sit on my computer. Traveling has been a real world Masters Program finding my teachers through mentors, museums, and a connection with nature but also identifying my weaknesses, habits and behaviors that need to change or be further cultivated.


The past year has been an accelerated journey of self discovery, unveiling of my shadow or subconscious beliefs, and a pursuit of internal transformation. In the states I felt that I was beginning to understand myself, overcoming limiting beliefs that had made me small over the year, but since traveling in France every aspect of self I have been working to heal has come back to test my self worth full force. I have dealt with feelings of elation, transcendence and inspiration. At the turn of a hat feelings of unworthiness, guilt, loneliness, ignorance, and lack mentality have trickled in. When I get lost in these thoughts I have found it best to find a cafe and people watch during which time I journal and observe. I have fallen in love with the grace and ease that so many seem to be living here in France. Life seems to flow, people understand the importance of enjoying the luxuries in life be it artisinal food, drinks with a friend, midday strolls in the park or a cigarette and espresso while reading a novel at the corner cafe. People pay attention detail from the way dress to the aesthetics of shops. I’m being reminded to move through life with grace, and fall in love with the mundane.


This week I am continuing to take inventory of the past year and all that has happened, while planning out goals and ways I hope to better serve my community. In my time as a health consultant I have focused with clients on food, diet, herbs, but this year it is moving away from restriction and moving into the Liberation and Intuitive Living, balancing eco-conscious living, with psychology, and mind-body nutrition. I love working one-on-one with clients but understand that space is limited and that not everyone is able to afford six month programs. Stay tuned for updates on an ex!citing course that will be launched the end of January.

As always love and light