A Season for Intention and Introspection

Have you ever had a fantastic idea? Something revolutionary, something that was going to change your life, and not only your life but the people you loved? Or even the world? Have you ever been so passionate about something that it makes you want to scream? Have you dreamed of leaving your job to pursue your passion, or take that trip, or ask that girl out or you fill in the blanks. The thing is we all have those ideas, we all have those desires, and out of hundreds of these ideas we encounter everyday, there is usually at least ONE that would be worth while to pursue. So what holds us back? Why do we become so complacent? And even when we do start to develop an idea, the momentum is eventually lost and we return to daydreaming.


I'll tell you, I experience it every damn day. I have a great idea for an article and begin writing. Five minutes later I'm stuck on a word and instead of finishing, another idea pops into my head. For example a recipe idea. Imagine preserved oranges infused with clove and ginger that I could eventually add to a marinade for a Moroccan stew, and I could serve it with a new gluten-free pita recipe. And then I think, "oh my clients that I cook for would love a Moroccan themed dinner party". And before I know it the article is stored somewhere on my computer and I'm planning flower arrangements for said party.

Other times I'm faced with this issue is when I'm trying to juggle my Soloprenuer jobs in landscaping, health coaching, cooking, and what course or continuing education I can add to my offerings to make things even more complicated, I mean exciting. And what is so obvious but that I often ignore is that I spend so much time thinking about things that I end up not doing much of anything. Ideas remain ideas, notes are written on scratch paper and loss in the mess of folders and note books. The more honest I am with myself the more I see the boundaries and discipline I need to instill in my life. 
I truly believe that we can do whatever we want in this life time. We have the power to manifest anything whether it be wealth, loving relationships, a job we love, travel, a beautiful home, or seriously ANYTHING. We create our Reality. However, it doesn't come out of nowhere, things come to us in life when we are READY for them! And if we're not ready they usually don't stick. You've heard of all the lottery winners who go broke within a year, you've heard the stories of friends who've landed a job only to be fired two months later or a relationship with a lover, that you thought was the one ends after three years. Usually its a sign we're not ready. We don't have the maturity or integrity to work with that amount of money so we blow it, we are in a job for the money and not because we are invested in the business, or we haven't learned to love ourselves fully which is reflected in the relationship. What do all of these things have in common. THEY LACK VISION!


Having a vision is vital to success in anything, clarity of thought, integrity in intention, and determination to meet our destination. Many of my mentors have talked about setting goals and then working backwards. Big picture what do you want? Then what must in the next year to accomplish this? In the next six months, in the month, week, and today? Breaking things down allows us to take small bites so we're not just choking on our goals or feeling so overwhelmed by the plate we've made ourselves that we push it away and settle for a whiskey instead. Clarity is also something we must find within our vision. Are you able to describe what it is you want to do? I often have my clients practice being curious with their own goals? Ask why over, and over, and over? You'd be surprised by how many people discover that they're desires really are not theres but instead trying to please others or "society" 
So I have a challenge for you all (and myself). And it is to Identify Your Vision what is it that you desire? If you had everything you wanted what would that look like?
Write out what a perfect day would be. Hour by hour, what would you be doing? What emotion would you feel. When you're brushing your teeth what flavor would the paste be? Where are you living? What emotions are you experiencing? Where are you working? Who are your coworkers, boss, or clients? What work are you doing? The hours? What do you eat for lunch, what does the water taste like.
Basically the more specific the better. And then at the end when you are lying in bed, how do you reflect on the day you just had?
Do you feel proud of the person you've been? Did you impact someone's life in a positive way? 
By doing this we can either see what is possible, or we realize that what we thought was ideal actually really isn't. And in so we shift.
Gain clarity, take action, and create your life!

If you are interested in working one on one with me as an Intuitive Wellness Guide contact me at nourishingroots.tc@gmail.com or schedule an initial consultation. This is a year to realize your potential and live a life fully nourished.