Cambodia: Updates from this Spirit Guided Journey

The world around us is nothing more and nothing less then a mirror of what we have become from within
— Gregg Braden

Hello Everyone!


I know that it has been a while since I reached out to the community of readers. Its been a wild few months that has lead me into uncharted territories of self discover, exploration and learning. I’m not sure I mentioned how I decided to start my travels at the end of November, in fact most likely I didn’t because I was holding onto a lot of embarrassment, shame and fear. Here’s the short story.

Two years ago a decision had to be made. I had finished my initial studies and was accepted to go to school for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture or a program on Sustainable Design and Nature Therapy. Having to decide between where to spend the next 4-6 year of my life felt daunting, in fact something inside me didn’t feel right about either decision. Years prior I had spent time traveling and working in Environmental Conservation in Costa Rica. Found memories, and a remembrance of a sense of liberation lured me back towards the idea of traveling. In the between Costa Rica and 2016 I had suffered from severe depression, OCD and disordered eating, I had been in three treatment centers, two hospitals and lived in four states. I had also graduated with a Integrative Nutrition Certification, Associate in Science, and Apprenticed with a Native Elder discovering the physical, emotional and spiritual healing powers of plants. All of these studies I had followed with the determination to heal myself and others where western medicine had failed.


Something in me said to travel again, but I knew in my heart too that I needed to continue my learning exploration. I began researching herbal apprenticeships abroad, and Permaculture projects. After surprisingly very little effort I stumbled upon a apprenticeship with a woman named Elisa studying Mayan Medicine in the jungles of Guatemala, and a Permaculture farm Finca Bona Fide who was taking applications for their January internships. Elisa and I spoke and my plane ticket was booked to Guatemala, and after my application was approved I was scheduled to join the farm in January. I had no idea what to expect, but I trusted everything would work out and instead of anxiety I was full of excitement for the first time in months.

The next year was spent diving into deeper self healing through plants, and stillness. The farm gave me a new view on how there is a way that we can all live in harmony and synergisticly with nature using the principles of permaculture design. I began learning about the amazing healing properties of not just plants but fungi/mushrooms becoming a bit obsessed. At the tail end of my trip family matters brought me back home, as well as my physical health. When I got back to the states I realized that I had picked up quiet a few parasites, and after researching found a way to clear them out (READ HERE).

The summer was a dynamic one. It was my third summer working in landscape design and was better equip to incorporate new systems of permaculture too. The personal work that I had begun in Guatemala continued, spiritual healing, physical healing and emotional healing with plant medicine and ritual. As the planting season wound down I took a part time job working as an Herbalist and Wellness Associate for a local Wellness Center in as well as working as a Personal Wellness Chef for two clients in the Twin Cities. In November I was offered to travel with my clients to San Diego for the winter to cook, and without a second thought I said yes staying until May when gardening season was starting again.


My last month in California of May 2018 was spent visiting friends I had met on my travels. It was a beautiful time that sparked a joy and excitement for the summer ahead. But the summer was a mixed bag, a roller coaster of experiences and emotions. I began diving deep into the healing of the unconscious mind, studying Astrological Psychology, Carl Jung and the shadow. I began exploring many self destructive and self limiting patterns of behavior and thought that had kept me limited in the past. Experimentation with methods and practices to integrate and own these denied aspects of the self in order to transform them ensued. It seemed every emotion I acknowledged came in the form of external tests, would I fall back into old patterns or judgments or navigate through them with grace and compassion…. I was able to experience the tests we a better understanding, however, it sure wasn’t graceful a majority of the time. I would face one limiting belief and cling to it with one nail, while also trying to let it wash away. Books such as Debbie Fords The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and Dr. David Hawkins Letting Go, we god sent tool in this time.

My landscaping job began to feel mundane, I felt spending 15 hours a week just pulling weeds was depleting to my energy, and limited time resource. In July I was invited into another Personal Chef position that exposed me to an entirely new type of clientele. At times I felt judgmental, sometimes sad, but ultimately I saw the shadow in my own behavior that I was denying, bringing me to a place of understanding and compassion despite differences in world views. Instead as I looked for common ground, “Everyone is your teacher”, and “What you don’t own, owns you.” became my mantras.

I filled my mind with the words of Alan Watts, I rose with the sun and meditated with the stars. Astrology opened up another gate for me to understand not just myself but others and how to use it as a tool for guidance in becoming more align with inner authenticity. There are moments where life just feet like honey flowing through and over me with its sweetness. There are also times where it sends me rolling down a hill full of jagged rocks towards field of thorns and snakes. The darkest times are often the most transformative, each one reminding me that when I act in alignment with my intuition, rather then through the mind, spirit will guide me.


Fast-forward through the month of this that ensued to October. I felt an urge to travel again. The city, the job, my apartment had were all creating a pressure in my chest, a feeling I was unable to fully breath. I left my job and continued working supporting my sister in her growing business as well as walking dogs and working with a few Consulting a few clients. This freed my schedule up slightly to study and learn. Astrocartography had entered my life months early, spending hours looking at maps of where beneficial planetary energies crossed through my natal charts world map. I had always been fascinated with France and saw that both my Jupiter and Venus lines passed through sparking my curiosity. Examples using France kept appearing in podcasts, books and movies. I decided to look up tickets and found one direct from Minneapolis for $170…. but I hesitated. What the fuck was I going to do there? Where would I stay? What about the job offers I had just been presented with? FOMO to stay and FOMO for going.

In meditation I asked for one last sign from the god in whether or not I was meant to go to France. The sign would need to come from St. Joan of Arc in some form or another. Two days later I was visiting my parents when I went to my mothers room to grab a pair of socks. When I opened the drawer a statue of the warrior angel herself stared back up at me. That night I was booked to fly to Paris. and the rest has been this journey with no known destination, time, or expectations. So far the universe has sent me to France, England, Italy, Spain, Cambodia and soon to Vietnam. Although it may come off as a luxury, traveling while supporting yourself for months, adjusting to new cities, and starting from scratch in each place comes with as many challenges emotional, physical, and spiritual as it does gifts. Everyday I’m reminding myself to surrender to the journey, to let the universe guide me to meet the right people at the right time, to open my heart and offer whatever I can with integrity and truth.

Long story, long the most frequent questions I get are: Why did you decide to travel to x,y,z? What are you doing here? How long are you staying? Where are you going next? Where are you from?


My answer is simply spirit called me on this journey, to work through me, to learn and connect with others. I’m here now and that’s all there is until the Universe/God invites me elsewhere. I am from Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Either, an Earthling made up of stardust the same as you and everyone else that walks this planet. The truth is the more I try to know my next step, to control outcomes, to manage my experience the more I have met resistance and creating internal strife. Astrology has been my grounding point. By finding grounding in the stars I have been able to help more people see into their own inner work that needs to be done, helping them create a road map and turn them to face North. Each new friend and acquaintance I meet allows me to practice Astrological interpretation, and understand better the Archetypal energies that exists with in everyone, place and experience.

Over the next few weeks I will explain more about the basics of Astrology. It is not a system of belief, it is an observational method of reading the patterns of the heavens and their effects on personal and world experiences through symbols and stories.

If you are interested in chart readings or Astrocartography sessions are available in person or online via skype. 2019 is holding some pretty precious planetary energies to support us in growth as individuals, a community and our relation to nature. If you have questions of any kind, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Peace, Love and Plants xo Nettie

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