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Deconstructed Carrot Cake

Celebrating the true essence of carrot cake, AKA the carrots! Have you ever eaten a carrot so sweet that it felt like dessert? I have. Flavor starts with the soil and sourcing ingredients from farmers who are dedicated to regenerative agriculture practices is the best way to ensure flavor, nutrition, and a green economy.

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Lush Buckwheat Pancake

It’s the weekend, and that is worth celebrating. Why not whip up some deliciously nutty gluten-free buckwheat pancakes. They are packed full of fiber, sugar free, and can be eaten either savory or sweet. Today I topped mine off with last summers mulberries I had in the freezer, brain boosting pecan butter and it was Amazing. Super simple ingredients for nutrient rich breakfast that only tastes indulgent. Make your cakes and eat them too!!

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Are parasites behind your IBS symptoms?

Did you know that even a decade ago it was common practice for farmers to do a parasite cleanse along with their animals once a year? And for good reason. According to parasite expert, Dr. Todd Watts, 99.5% of people have parasites that may be inhibiting you from living your most vibrant life. Parasites can lead to other systemic issues such as chronic inflammation, house lyme bacteria, GI and IBS, food allergies, and autoimmune issues. See what you can do about these pesky little worms…

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