Eight Reasons To Grow Your Own Food

I started gardening my own food just five summers ago, a novice gardener at 21 years old. Gardening became the saving grace and the missing link to healing my relationship with food and self. In a world full of misinformation on health, nutrition and the "right" ways of eating, growing my own food simplified everything, nourishing mind and body. 

Since then I have discovered countless more reasons why growing my own food is exactly what I should be doing. Here are just 8: 

  1. Empowerment, the fact that I can

  2. Connecting to nature

  3. Knowing exactly where my food comes from

  4. Knowing what is in my food + what is not (I control the inputs of natural fertilizers and lack of chemical pesticides)

  5. Those vine ripe tomatoes whose juices drip all down your shirt when you take a bite

  6. The smell of freshly cut basil, and the amazing pesto that can never last more than two days

  7. The knowledge that the nutrient value in the food I am growing is better than anything I can find at the grocery store

  8. The smile it a freshly prepared salad can bring to those you love and share it with

The truth is, there are no reasons not for growing your own food... but doing it will transform the way you look at your surroundings and the food you eat in ways you never would have imagined.

Fresh cut Asparagus

Fresh cut Asparagus

I encourage all to start small. Although my vegetable beds are at my parents home, I still keep fresh herbs and greens growing on the window sill of my apartment. Peace, Plants and Growing Glow.

Sunflower Microgreens grown

Sunflower Microgreens grown