Approach to Elemental Eating

People often come to me asking what should I eat to lose weight, to have more energy, to clear up my skin, to have more energy? Most people expect a cookie cutter answer, they ask me whether they should be paleo or vegan. Should I give up gluten, is fruit bad for me? The thing is that there is no one answer fits all for anyone, and what may be nourishing for you in November is going to be something entirely different then in June. The truth is no one needs to be taught what to eat, what they need to learn and understand is how to tap into their subtle energetic body, the energetics of the food they are eating and intuitively feel what is right for them in the moment. We are born knowing what is nourishing for us, but through conditioning, beliefs and culture around food, we forget. The current food system also creates a disease in our bodies and earth. By tapping into the patterns and elements of nature we can remember what, where and how to eat. I call this Elemental Eating.

 In the West we tend to take a reductionist approach to... well everything. It can be applied to medicine, where if someone is sick they are given an antibiotic or other medicine that at one time was derived from a plant, bacteria, or fungus, but now the intelligence is lost as a single compound is isolated. And it can also be applied to exercise where everyone is told to run 60 minutes a day. And there is always contradictions. If you see an article saying that you should eat fat, and have no carbs, you'll find 20 more that say the opposite and vice versa. Again it is variable and we must let go of needing to have an answer and instead listen to our bodies own intelligence and trust the best doctor there is, YOU!


But how you ask do we know how to really find the best lifestyle to transform our health?

Elemental Eating is comprised of the four elements that comprise all of nature. These are Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each element has individual characteristics, but they also exist in fractals. For example Water in the form of Earth is Ice which makes it solid, while Water in the form of Air is steam, and in the form of Fire it is liquid as heat melts the ice. As beings we too are made up of the Elements, think of your partner as an example. Do they have a fiery nature? If so they maybe warm to the touch, their skin prone to redness, they crave spicy foods, are outgoing, dynamic and passionate. Or are they an Air type? Intellectual, artistic, always moving, variable in their behavior, tall, thin, distracted. Of course no person is just Fire, Air, Water or Earth but instead each has their own Elemental Blueprint or DNA.

Food and herbs are also comprised of the Elements, an easy example is Spicy foods which will have a prominent Fire Element. Lending to the Elemental Architecture is how we eat, where we eat, and our state of mind around food. All these things contribute to an understanding of intuitive eating. Sickness and disease is created when the Elements are imbalanced. By using specific herbs, foods, and lifestyle changes we can bring our bodies back into equilibrium. 


If you are interested in learning more about Elemental Eating Approach, I invite you to fill out the form below. I work one-on-one with clients and am soon releasing a self led online course with information on how to understand and embody these principles. Whether working with me or taking the course online you with come away with…

  • How to understand the Four Elements as they apply to person, food, place

  • How to identify your Elemental body constitution

  • How to apply ancient wisdom in your everyday life to create balance and boost vitality

  • How to let go of dogmatic eating philosophies and trust your intuitive body

Peace, Love and Plants

xo Nettie