The Alchemy of You: Genes are not your Destiny

Your genes do not determine your destiny. 

Much of science, health and nutrition information still instills in us the belief that we are subject to our genes. If our parents were obese, ridden with heart disease, cancer, etc that we too will likely develop these illnesses and repeat the cycle. We are also taught to believe the our personalities, characteristics, and behaviors are determined by inheritance. These aspects do have an influence on our lives but they are not determinants. The science of Epigenetic's shows that we are not controlled by our genes, but by our environments influence and signal to these genes.

Therefore you can have predisposition to chronic fatigue, but this will not manifest in the body if you provide a cellular environment that silences the mutative expression for an expression of health and vitality. The environment is what influences the cell. 

Think of your body as a plant for instance a aloe vera. You thrive in an environment with that is dry and arid, you need sandy soil that allows airflow and the heat of the sun. Imagine being placed in the middle of a rainforest, a place that is damp, cool, little direct sun and loamy soil. What would happen in this environment? Your roots would rot because of excessive moisture, your leaves would become over saturated and anemic due to the lack of sunshine. It is not your body that causing the problem but rather the environment and the nutrient quality that you are given. 

So how do you determine the right environment, the right nourishment for your optimal health? it starts by understanding energetics and your bodies unique constitution, as well as the energetics of the food, and environment that you are bringing into your body.

It is also important to understand that we are not just physical beings, rather we have four bodies: biological, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These bodies are not separate but rather in constant interplay always influencing one another. We need to understand how to nourish every aspect of self. For example when the emotional body is needing comfort and love we may turn to food in the form of sugar to bring in sweetness. Unfortunately this is not what the Whole Body needs, by shifting and nourishing the root by means of self-care, and connection, the craving for the sugar subsides.

This is where the Alchemy of You comes in. It is a system of tapping into intuitive living and nourishment. Understanding you Body’s constitution reflected through energetic architecture that creates the underlying pattern of everything in the universe plant, animal, ecosystem, community, cosmos. We can see the reflection of this energetic in systems such as Astrology, Ayurveda, Kabbalah, Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, as well as Western forms of Hermetic, and Integrative Medicines.

This System combines Ancient Wisdom, connection with nature and Modern ever evolving science in order to best support the vitality of the unique individual you. By doing so, we are all able to live into our optimal vitality and be positive change makers in the collective. Healing the whole begins by healing and coming into realignment with the highest Self.

Over the next few months stay tuned for Updates on workshops. I currently have three spaces available for one-on-one consulting as well for those wanting to go deep in their own healing. Together we uncover your unique needs, tapping into the intuitive body, and shifting of the subconscious for long lasting health. If you are interested email at

See your divine uniqueness reflected in nature. No rose is identical , the petals shape and color are all influenced by the environment they grow, and the tending and care they receive.

See your divine uniqueness reflected in nature. No rose is identical , the petals shape and color are all influenced by the environment they grow, and the tending and care they receive.