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The Only Non-Stick Pan I'll Ever Use

Over 2,000 year of use, there is a reason why cast iron is still the superior cookware. Non-stick with the exception of also being non-toxic. Healthy planet, healthy you. Here's the reasons to upgrade to cast iron cooking, and its not just aesthetic. Most non-stick pans emit harmful chemicals when heated incorrectly and as they ware down these same carcinogens can be absorbed into your food.

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Are parasites behind your IBS symptoms?

Did you know that even a decade ago it was common practice for farmers to do a parasite cleanse along with their animals once a year? And for good reason. According to parasite expert, Dr. Todd Watts, 99.5% of people have parasites that may be inhibiting you from living your most vibrant life. Parasites can lead to other systemic issues such as chronic inflammation, house lyme bacteria, GI and IBS, food allergies, and autoimmune issues. See what you can do about these pesky little worms…

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