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Cambodia: Updates from this Spirit Guided Journey

This chapter of my life journey began with a prayer, a plane ticket to France and an Astrocartography map. Anytime I’m asked my plans or purpose for this trip all I can do it smile and say, “At this moment, the Universe through divine guidance has brought me to you, to this place and I am here to listen and be invited into the experience I was meant to have.”

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but so is life… Here’s how I ended up in Cambodia…

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A Simple Ritual to Beat Anxiety and Stress

The quickest and surest way to heal depression, and anxiety is free. We do not need a pill, or synthetic chemicals to aid. Nature provides everything we need. A major cause of mental and physical health ailments stem from a lack of vitamin N. Nature. Studied and made popular in Japan “forest bathing” has been shown to not only alleviate symptoms of depress but also boost immune function and put you in the state of rest, digest, relax.

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