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Celebrating Wild Rice

“We have a relationship to everything in nature, we are part of nature. The trees, the water, the marshes, lakes, those things all have spirits. When you harvest a plant you’re not only harvesting food, you are harvesting part of that spirit, and when it is taken into your body it becomes part of you.” We have a tendency of of separating ourselves from the earth. In a culture that is surrounded by more concrete than trees, we can lose sight of our connectedness and our responsibility to the planet and plants that we rely on for life. “When our time comes to leave this earth, we go back, our spirits go on and our bodies return to feed the earth from which it came.”

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Forest to Fork and a Call for Wild Food

A few years ago was infected with an obsession for mushrooms, wild foods, herbs, cooking and growing. I am dedicated to supporting local businesses and eco-conscious entrepreneurs which is why I have chosen to feature Forest to Fork, and founder Mike Kempenich who is dedicated to making wild foods and mushrooms accessible to everyone!

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Chocolate of Immortality

Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years as medicine, in fact they may be the oldest form of medicine know to man. Some people say that they help to boost the immune system, I say they are the missing link that once created our immune system that we are finally reincorporation. Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi and Chocolate is an easy way to gain your immortality

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