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Cambodia: Updates from this Spirit Guided Journey

This chapter of my life journey began with a prayer, a plane ticket to France and an Astrocartography map. Anytime I’m asked my plans or purpose for this trip all I can do it smile and say, “At this moment, the Universe through divine guidance has brought me to you, to this place and I am here to listen and be invited into the experience I was meant to have.”

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but so is life… Here’s how I ended up in Cambodia…

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Travel for Soul Nourishment and Finding Intention

Spending the end of the year in Europe and creating space for taking inventory of the year and intention for the new one to come. 2018 was a year of exponential internal growth. So many people I have talked to have gone through the thick of it in 2018, things that were hidden and unconscious were brought to the surface forcing them to be addressed and course corrected. Attitudes changed from judgement to acceptance and integration. While being in France these lessons I have learned have resurfaced and tested, here’s how I’m navigating through and getting clarity on selfworth and personal mission.

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