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Celebrating Wild Rice

“We have a relationship to everything in nature, we are part of nature. The trees, the water, the marshes, lakes, those things all have spirits. When you harvest a plant you’re not only harvesting food, you are harvesting part of that spirit, and when it is taken into your body it becomes part of you.” We have a tendency of of separating ourselves from the earth. In a culture that is surrounded by more concrete than trees, we can lose sight of our connectedness and our responsibility to the planet and plants that we rely on for life. “When our time comes to leave this earth, we go back, our spirits go on and our bodies return to feed the earth from which it came.”

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Wild Nettle Pesto

Eat wild food! Nature provides us with amazing plants to help support our health and vitality. Nettles a common woodland plant, is abundant in our gardens as well as in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you’ve been interested in getting into foraging and wildcrafting, nettles is undoubtable the easiest to identify, harvest and prepare. This pesto recipe will get you started!

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