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Approach to Elemental Eating

Eating doesn’t need to be complicated. Today people have become obsessed with fad-diets and have adopted a sense of tribalism and tying their identity to a way of eating. Disease and illness is then extended, we end up making ourselves sick because we are part of something more then just a way of obtaining health. But we are all unique, and when we look to nature we can intuit what we should eat, when and how. Here’s a brief introduction

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The Only Non-Stick Pan I'll Ever Use

Over 2,000 year of use, there is a reason why cast iron is still the superior cookware. Non-stick with the exception of also being non-toxic. Healthy planet, healthy you. Here's the reasons to upgrade to cast iron cooking, and its not just aesthetic. Most non-stick pans emit harmful chemicals when heated incorrectly and as they ware down these same carcinogens can be absorbed into your food.

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A Simple Ritual to Beat Anxiety and Stress

The quickest and surest way to heal depression, and anxiety is free. We do not need a pill, or synthetic chemicals to aid. Nature provides everything we need. A major cause of mental and physical health ailments stem from a lack of vitamin N. Nature. Studied and made popular in Japan “forest bathing” has been shown to not only alleviate symptoms of depress but also boost immune function and put you in the state of rest, digest, relax.

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