Personal health

Personal health is not isolated to the individual. We all are part of a larger ecosystem interacting with nature, our environment, and our community. Personal health is impacted by the way we eat, the people we surround ourselves with, the beliefs we hold, where we work and how we choose to spend our leisure time. Together we will discover how to reach your goals in all of these areas so that you can live an empowered life.


Comprehensive consultation

Focus on your health – and get all of your questions surrounding food and nutrition cleared up once and for all. Whether you are a junk food junkie, or a generally healthy eater, your consultation will be customized to where you currently are in regards to food and health – and guide you to where you would like to be.

If you are looking for general healthy eating tips, need help navigating food allergies, or are clueless about what to eat on a specific diet, a comprehensive consultation is designed to get you on track.

You will leave our appointment inspired and motivated to create lasting change.

Cost: $150


  • 60 minute appointment to discuss food/health goals, and how to get on track
  • E-mail recap of appointment with 3-5 specific steps to achieve goals
  • Any requested information or recipes discussed in appointment
  • 1 week of email support for questions

Kick ass kickstart

Get back to basics and forever change how you look and feel in your body. By popular demand, I have created a program that includes my favorite, time tested, life changing principals that have worked for myself as well as with my clients. If you are sick of being confused about how to reach your ultimate health, wellness, and/or weight goals, this 2-month program will clear everything up.

This program includes 4 sessions (including a consultation) that usually take place every other week.

Cost: $425


  • What affordable, delicious foods you can eat to increase your energy and vitality
  • The best way to start your day that will satisfy cravings, decrease stress, and create health momentum
  • How to have a healthy relationship with food – and end emotional eating
  • How to effortlessly prepare delicious, wholesome meals – even with a super busy schedule


  • 60 minute consultation to discuss your ultimate diet and wellness goals
  • 3 bi-weekly 45-60 minute sessions customized to your needs and interests
  • Recipe sharing to inspire cooking and streamline meal planning
  • Unlimited email support during the program

cooking classes

Ready to turn your kitchen into a Wellness Kitchen? Know what you want to be eating, but not sure how to bring it all together into a meal on the dining table? I'll boost your kitchen confidence by guiding you in the to spark your culinary inspiration, and feed your mind with practical nutrition knowledge. 

Cost: $250 + cost of food


  • Grocery Store or Farmers Market shopping trip where you will learn how to shop seasonally and responsibly 
  • 1 hour cooking class to learn quick easy tips for creating simple healthy meals
  • Helpful guides to leave you feeling confident in your ability to shop and prepare healthy meals for a lifetime