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By combining ancient wisdom with modern science, you’ll be guided to transform your health so that you can live life nourished


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There is so much information available around food, diet, and health that knowing what to eat can be massively confusing and paralyzing. Nutrition is not the food we eat, it is comprised of everything we digest be it music, the environment, our activities, relationships, thoughts and the work we do.

After years of personal transformation and guiding other in achieving optimal health, I’ve learned that there is not a cure-all diet solution that works for everyone. By using an individuals astrological blueprint and accessing their biological genetic influences we better recognize predisposition to illness and the best ways to realign through nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

As a personal health intuitive I am not here to give you a prescribed diet but to guide you in a journey away from the diet mentality. Through our sessions you will be empowered to discover a way of eating that is simple, sustainable, and nourishing to your unique body. We came in this world knowing how to eat, and must simply reconnect to this nutritional embodiment.



Forest Immersion is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through time spent in forests and other natural environments. Forest Immersion sessions are inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to "forest bathing." Forest Immersion has been shown to help in improving immune function, cardiovascular health, stabilizing anxiety, alleviating depression and stimulating cognition. In forest sessions we go beyond these benefits. When we remember the integral part of nature we play by reconnecting with the environment spiritual-physical-psychological and environmental health is transformed . Sessions are an invitations to engage all of your senses in the naturally restorative and healing environment. Crafted to refresh, reconnect, and revitalize, sessions are an antidote to the pace and distraction of modern life gifting you an opportunity to slow down, and unplug from technology. Each session we discuss a specific topic such as the power of nature as medicine, working with plant teachers, wild-crafting herbs/food, and cultivation of healthy supportive relationships with ourselves and the community.

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